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High performance and scalable visual modeling tools for the planning, design and construction of software intensive systems. “Make Your Vision a Reality”






Enterprise Architect – Modeling & Design Platform

Fast Intuitive Modeling & Design

The perfect enterprise wide solution to visualise, analyse, model, test and maintain all of your systems, software, processes and architectures. Enterprise Architect is the ideal platform to help you to stay in control of your workspace, support your colleagues and team, enable collaboration and build confidence within your most complex projects.

Team friendly, fast paced and agile full life cycle visual modelling. Create accurate, rich & effective models with ease. Easy to deploy and low cost.
  • Multi-user, graphical tool designed to help your teams build robust and maintainable systems
  • Full life cycle modeling
  • With built-in requirements management capabilities
  • High quality, built-in reporting and documentation



Manage complex information

Enterprise Architect helps individuals, groups and large organizations model and manage complex information. By integrating and connecting a wide range of structural and behavioral information in visual form, you can build a coherent, verifiable model of what-is or what-will-be.

Tools built into Enterprise Architect that help you manage complexity include:

  • Diagrams for modeling strategic and business level concepts
  • Domain-specific profiles and reusable model patterns
  • Baseline and version management for tracking and integrating changes
  • Role-based security to help the right people contribute in the right way

Model, manage and trace

Capture and trace formal requirements to design, build, deployment and beyond. Use impact analysis to trace proposed changes to original requirements. Build the right system.

Enterprise Architect’s built-in requirements management features can be used to:

  • Define an organized, hierarchical requirements model
  • Trace the implementation of system requirements to model elements
  • Search and report on requirements
  • Perform impact analysis of proposed changes to requirements

Kickstart your Project with over 1000 Patterns

A wealth of specially crafted patterns and re-usable model structures across multiple modeling domains and languages will fast track your design work and help you deliver accurate and stunning models that leverage a strong and proven foundation.

Perspective based modeling reduces noise and simplifies the workspace

Turn down the noise and focus in on one modeling task at a time. Concentrate on Business Analysis or Strategy or Software Design or Systems engineering while pushing other technologies and tools into the background. An essential tool for staying “on track”.


Pro Cloud Server – Web Enabled Collaboration

Secure access to your projects for discussion and review. For internal and/or internet facing deployment. Real-time access to models.
  • WebEA enables stakeholders to have secure, real-time access to yours models from any device
  • External Data Integration enables your Enterprise Architect models to view and update information in 3rd party products like, DevOps and Jira
  • Visibility Levels allows for access control of models at a granular level by harnessing the ‘Row Level Security’ capability in Oracle 8+ and Microsoft SQL Server


Prolaborate – Specialize your vision Engage

Create a tailored set of views and dashboards from your model information for the non-modeling community.
  • Allow users to read, write or collaborate on parts of a live Enterprise Architect
  • Simplify the user experience by publishing just the right amount of detail
  • Customise visibility levels to impress your CXO and inform them directly from model based information
  • Customized workflow driven reviews on live Enterprise Architect diagrams


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