Data Protection Software with No Backdoors



Encrypt Hard Drives with BestCrypt Volume Encryption

  • Protect data from physical threats (stolen computers, lost drives)
  • Added resilience against cyberattacks
  • Strong encryption for compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS)
  • Industry-best firmware support (UEFI, GPT, RAID)
  • Central management for enterprises

Encrypt Files with BestCrypt Container Encryption

  • Protect data from virtual threats (hackers, cloud)
  • No backdoors
  • Encrypt files for compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS)
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & cloud storage
  • BCWipe included to wipe files beyond forensic recovery
  • Central management for enterprises

Are Your Stored Files Protected from Unwanted Eyes?

Lock up sensitive data – use BestCrypt Container Encryption to encrypt files and folders on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Ensuring data security is critical when you keep private data or confidential information. BestCrypt Container Encryption delivers privacy and confidentiality to, anyone who wants to encrypt files or folders on active computers, shared workstations, removable drives and network storage, including cloud storage services like Dropbox.

Wipe Hard Drives with BCWipe Total WipeOut

  • End of life wiping (decommission, dispose, sell/donate)
  • DoE & DoD wipe compliance
  • Support for any operating system
  • Support for SSD & NVMe
  • Centralized wiping & reporting for enterprises

Wipe Files with BCWipe

  • Wipe files on active computers (Data Remanence)
  • 15+ years trusted by U.S. DoD & DoE (Data Spills)
  • Erase data for compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS)
  • Available for Windows, Mac & UNIX
  • Central management for enterprises
When Deleting Files, Are You Sure That Your Data Has Been Erased for Good?

Delete files forever. Use military-standard procedures to wipe files and Data Remanence beyond forensic recovery. BCWipe enables you to permanently wipe files selectively so that they can never be recovered or undeleted – even Wipe Free Space and Wipe File Slack space to clear previously deleted data.


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