Infinite Interactions, Unlimited Power

Axure RP is the only UX tool that gives UX professionals the power to build realistic, functional prototypes.



Create UX prototypes with unlimited combinations of event triggers, conditions, and actions to truly explore digital experiences.



  • Interaction Events. Use mouse, touch, and keyboard events to trigger interactions
  • Conditional Logic. Add conditions and variables to take your prototypes to the next level
  • Dynamic Content for realistic UX prototypes. Leverage powerful Axure RP widgets to create working forms, sortable grids, and dynamic interfaces
  • Working Forms. Working text fields, droplists, and radio buttons are just a drag-and-drop away
  • Multi-State Containers. Use multi-state dynamic panels to make everything from popups to scrollable, swipe-able, mobile screens
  • Data-Driven Interfaces. Create data-driven tables and grids that you can dynamically sort and filter with the repeater widget
  • Adaptive Views. Design for desktop, tablets, and phones on a single page and automatically show the appropriate view



All This Power and No Code Required
Making realistic, functional, UX prototypes has never been easier.


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