Octopus deploy news (March 2022)

Octopus deploy news (March 2022)
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Visual Studio Code extension

Octopus Deploy for Visual Studio Code is a free extension that makes working with Octopus Configuration Language (OCL) files easier. Features include:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code snippets for steps and actions
  • An integrated tree view to navigate nodes in the file

Buildkite integration

Octopus Deploy now integrates with Buildkite. Our new Buildkite plugins allow your build agents to create and deploy releases, push build information, and run runbooks as part of a pipeline.

The integration provided through our new Buildkite plugins represents our initial design and release. We plan to build additional plugins and eliminate the dependency on the Octopus CLI by providing integration through Bash scripts.

Config as Code for deployments

Configuration as Code (Config as Code) in Octopus delivers the full power of Git with a fully functional user interface. Our implementation of Config as Code means you can see your deployment process in your Git repo next to your application code and evolve them together.

When Config as Code is enabled for a project, you can continue to use the Octopus UI as you always have, or you can edit the text files in your favorite editor. Work wherever you’re the most productive.

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