The world of Software is not limited to the names listed in our catalogue, since only the most popular and sought-after applied software products in each category are included in the catalogue, but this is not all the goods and services supplied by us.

Our specialists and consultants are well versed in the intricacies of the IT market and will be able to offer you the optimal solution depending on the tasks.

But first, our main mission is to build a safe world. We are committed to making cyberspace safe and protecting what is especially precious to people – your business and your personal data. Our task is to detect and neutralize all types of cyber threats, regardless of their purpose or origin.


Cybersecurity that quickly prevents any threats, regardless of their scale, is a guarantee of protecting your business. We are ready to offer you the best solution: Deceptive Bytesa new generation of solutions for YOU!


Active Endpoint Cyber Defense – Prevention by Deception
In an ever growing advanced threat landscape, one solution is making a difference.

Providing a multi-stage protection that dynamically responds to threats as they evolve and beats the bad guys in their own game!





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